About us

  At the age of 16 I came I came to Antigua on a sailing trip with my Great Uncle Earnest which opened my eyes to a whole new world of sailing and the Caribbean.  So, I learned to sail, and came back every year racing and cruising short and long passages gaining experience, until eventually sailing became my profession and I was crewing on classic yachts.  It was here that my passion for leatherwork began.  One of the many jobs as bosun or first mate on a yacht is to care for the rigging and deck gear on board, some of which needs protection with leather.  I can tell you my first endeavours weren't quite the same as they are now!  Through trial and error I built up my skill, I enjoyed working with leather and began to make small gifts for friends while crossing an ocean or rolling at anchor.

I have continued to work do leatherwork for protection on yachts and make custom orders along with my own design of handbags, wallets, belts and accessories. It has been a slow road to the studio/shop I'm now in which is on Dockyard Dr. looking out to Falmouth Harbour in Antigua, but worth every step along the way.

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